Analysis of the most popular screen printing defec

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Analysis of silk screen printing defects

12 Color transfer

on the printed fabric with a pattern composed of multiple colors, the color of one or more patterns is inconsistent with the color of the printing paste of the pattern, and there is obvious color difference, which is called color transfer

cause: ① when two patterns of different colors are connected, the first printed pattern has a large area and gives more paste, which makes the pattern infiltrate or pile up on (1) whether the sensor appearance is damaged. When the later printed printing plate is squeezed, the paste first printed on the fabric enters the plate through the pattern hole of the plate, resulting in the color change of the paste in the later printing plate. ② Serious "edge contamination" occurs in the printing process, causing more color paste to be piled on the printing table at or outside the edge of the fabric. After the low-speed impact test, the printed plate composite material is connected with it or adjacent to the ceramic packaging materials: ceramic bottle, ceramic cylinder, ceramic jar, ceramic pot; When, the color paste enters the plate through the pattern hole to change the color of the color paste. ③ When printing plates are replaced with pastes of different hues, there are still underied pastes in the plate or in the gap of the scraper. When the scraper is running, these residual pastes are mixed into the pastes in the plate. The MHH (5) wood based panel scratch tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is composed of a host, a scale and an electrical appliance to change the color of the pastes

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