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At present, the competition in the kitchen electrical industry is becoming more and more fierce, and there are more and more brands. If you want to stand out among many brands, you not only need a good brand image to support. As a professional quality brand of kitchen appliances, which has been deeply engaged in the kitchen appliances industry for more than 9 years, Cohen appliances also has incomparable advantages in product quality and innovation. In the past period, Cohen kitchen appliances has created a series of high-quality and differentiated kitchen appliances based on advanced production equipment and a strong technical R & D team, with quality and intelligence as the direction of product research and development, It has attracted wide attention of the industry and consumers

in the era of consumption upgrading, kitchen appliances are no longer just to meet the single cooking needs of consumers, but become more intelligent. With the continuous deepening of intelligent kitchen electrical products and the continuous enrichment of product categories, kitchen life has become more intelligent and integrated. At the beginning of its establishment, Cohen clearly put forward the brand proposition of "professional quality manufacturing of all kinds of kitchen appliances". It aims to deliver the concept of healthier, environmental friendly, energy-saving and efficient home furnishing to more consumers

in order to further meet the diversified kitchen needs of consumers, Cohen's full range of kitchen appliances has been constantly expanding. Recently, a number of new kitchen appliances have conquered the market with high-end quality. The fourth generation integrated stove D26 Cohen was launched, and the original Austenitic 304 stainless steel integrated molding design, which integrates the surface of the smoke chamber without barbs, rivets, rust, oil leakage and oil leakage, has no second place in the core process industry; The first steamer integrated stove "steamer" D22 meets the needs of a new generation of consumer groups in pursuit of personalization, differentiation and health; LCD flat panel integrated stove D202, minimalist design, cooking life is more convenient; The innovative intelligent integrated stove d206 is not only attractive, but also experience oriented. The launch of the "stir fried king" upgraded 8660, "LCD flat panel" upgraded 7250, "side suction frequency conversion" upgraded 9013 and other products has attracted more audiences and directly promoted sales

in 2018, Cohen kitchen appliances, with a deep foundation, will continue to rely on its strong product quality advantages to shock and speak to the outside world, so that more consumers can know and deeply understand Cohen appliances through the good use experience of Cohen products, help Cohen brand image to be comprehensively improved, and brand influence to a new level




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