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The master bedroom is not only the place with the highest utilization rate of the owner of the house, but also a very important place related to Feng Shui. If it is properly decorated, it can bring good fortune to yourself and your family, increase wealth, smooth relationships, etc., so you must be very careful when decorating. So in the bedroom Feng Shui, how can the master bedroom be decorated to flourish Feng Shui? Come and have a look

1. The mirror must avoid the bed according to the principle.

the mirror is generally indispensable in the master bedroom. When decorating, many people will install the dressing mirror into the room together. Installing the mirror needs to avoid the bed, especially not facing the bed directly, otherwise it is easy to bring bad luck and damage health. The mirror facing the door is conducive to blocking evil spirits and attracting wealth, welcoming good luck in and avoiding unnecessary expenses

2. Windows should be installed with good lighting

when decorating doors and windows, many people are afraid that the sun is too strong. Install some black or tan glass to block radiation, so that the sun will be insufficient. The master bedroom is too dark and humid, which is easy to be unlucky, and the luck will become low. The installation of windows should pay attention to lighting, and sufficient light can bring good luck, especially the financial games are relatively prosperous, and interpersonal relationships can also be improved

3. Placing mascots can attract wealth

when decorating the master bedroom, some handicrafts or mascots can be directly installed, or placed in the wealth position in the bedroom, which is conducive to Attracting Wealth and good luck. The mascots should be placed in the position of wealth to bring wealth. It is not suitable to place or sculpt dolls in the room, otherwise it is easy to disturb the magnetic field in the room and damage health

the decoration of the master bedroom has university questions. It pays attention to feng shui knowledge. Reasonable decoration can attract money, make your career prosperous and make money. While seriously decorating, we should also make continuous efforts to meet better luck

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the place where couples spend the longest time alone in each family is the bedroom. The layout and decoration of the bedroom will affect the relationship between husband and wife. And the third child, who has the worst impact on the relationship between husband and wife, can be avoided through the layout of Feng Shui in the bedroom, so as to avoid the relationship between husband and wife. So how can the layout of Feng Shui in the bedroom prevent the third child

1. Avoid cold and gloomy

the light in the bedroom should preferably be illuminated by the sun in a large area, so as to promote the air circulation in the bedroom. Avoid using some dark colors for large-area curtains and sheets, and the lights in the room also need to be warm, so that the husband and wife in the bedroom are in a peaceful mood and have a harmonious relationship, and do not give little three emotional space to interfere

2. Decoration and furnishings in pairs

the furnishings in the bedroom need to be in pairs, such as the bedside table, bedside lamp, the pattern of bedsheets and pillows, so that the husband and wife are evenly matched in any aspect. The equal relationship between husband and wife can make the Feng Shui yin-yang balance of the whole bedroom, which is not easy to cause strange dreams in the same bed, and does not leave a chance for the junior to intervene

3. Bathroom and mirror

the bathroom directly rushes into the bedroom, which will make the air in the room dirty and the breath circulation messy, which will destroy the aura between husband and wife. Too many mirrors in the bedroom will also affect people's mood stability, make people feel restless and sleep uneasy. This will alienate the relationship and quarrel between the husband and wife, and it is easy to leave room for her to intervene

in addition to the above points, the roof in the bedroom should not have other uneven beams, nor should there be other irregular shaped objects in the room, nor should there be too many brightly colored flowers and plants. All of these will cause the husband and wife to disagree and have bad feelings, thus leaving her with space and opportunities for destruction

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