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Analysis of RFID working frequency and application examples

at present, the working frequency of RFID products is defined as different products that meet different standards within the frequency range of low frequency, high frequency and very high frequency, and RFID products of different frequency bands will have different characteristics. There are two types of sensors: passive and active. The following describes in detail the characteristics and main applications of passive sensors in products with different operating frequencies

I. low frequency (from 125kHz to 134khz)

in fact, RFID technology has been widely used and promoted in low frequency. This frequency is mainly used by inductive coupling, which is popular in the overseas market. It is intended to form a highly elastic filling compound with conductivity in the fuel cell bipolar plate by tightening, that is, there is transformer coupling between the reader coil and the inductor coil The voltage induced in the inductor antenna by the alternating field of the reader/writer is rectified and can be used as the supply voltage The magnetic field region can be well defined, but the field strength drops too fast


1 The general working frequency of the sensor working at low frequency ranges from 120kHz to 134khz. The members of the wood plastic composites Professional Committee of China Green Building Materials Industry Development Alliance of Ti nearly include various bone stem enterprises and organizations engaged in the R & D and production of new biological materials (wood plastic) composites and their equipment in China. The working frequency is 134.2khz. The wavelength of this frequency band is about 2500m

2. In addition to the influence of metal materials, generally low frequencies can pass through objects of any material without reducing its reading distance

3. There are no special license restrictions for low-frequency readers and writers in the world

4. low frequency products have different packaging forms. A good package is too expensive, but has a service life of more than 10 years

5. although the magnetic field area of this frequency decreases rapidly, it can produce a relatively uniform read-write area

6. compared with 239 RFID products in other frequency bands, the data transmission rate in this frequency band is relatively slow

7. the price of the sensor is higher than that of other frequency bands

main applications:

1. animal husbandry management system

2. application of automobile anti-theft and keyless door opening system

3. application of marathon running system

4. automatic parking lot charging and vehicle management system

5. application of automatic refueling system

6. application of hotel door lock system

7. international standards for access control and security management system:

a) application of ISO 11784 RFID animal husbandry the - coding structure

b) ISO 11785 RFID animal husbandry application - technical theory

c) ISO RFID animal husbandry application - air interface

d) ISO RFID animal husbandry application - protocol definition

e) ISO defines low-frequency physical layer, anti-collision and communication protocol

f) DIN 30745 is mainly the European standard for waste management application definition

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