Analysis of the most popular printing elements

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Analysis of printing elements

v. printing machinery

printing machinery is a general term for machines and equipment used to produce printed matter. Its function is to transfer the ink of the graphic part of the printing plate to the surface of the substrate

the printing machine is generally composed of paper feeding, ink feeding, printing, paper receiving and other devices. The lithographic press also has a water conveyance device

there are many types of printing machines, which can be classified according to the following five aspects:

according to the layout type, they are: relief printing machine, lithographic printing machine, gravure printing machine, and hole printing machine

according to the size and specification of the paper, it is divided into: lithographic paper or sheet fed printing machine, web printing machine

divided into: monochrome printing machine, two-color printing machine and multi-color printing machine according to the number of printing colors

divided into "There are many classification methods for printing machines, but the core part of the printing machine is the stamping mechanism of the printing device. Therefore, according to the way of applying pressure, the printing machines are generally divided into three types: flat press, round press and round press.

(I) from the traditional architectural aluminum profile, the flat press flat press is characterized by the flat plate mounting mechanism and the embossing mechanism, as shown in Figure 2-4

during printing, the imprint lithography plate swings back and forth around the spindle to complete paper feeding and imprinting. As the ink of the graphic part of the printing plate is in full contact with the embossing lithography at the same time, the embossing time is long and the pressure on the substrate is large, so the ink color of the printed matter is thick and the lines and strokes are full

figure 2-4 schematic diagram of the flat press flat printer

the flat press flat printer is small in size, slow in printing speed and low in production efficiency. It is suitable for printing small format printed materials, such as greeting cards, invitations, book covers, envelopes, labels, etc. This type of printing machine includes movable type printing machine, copper zinc plate proofing machine and disc machine when the sample reaches the specified deformation

(II) circular platen printer

also known as platform printer, its structural feature is that the plate loading mechanism is planar, and the imprinting mechanism is a circular cylinder, commonly known as the imprinting cylinder, as shown in Figure 2-5

figure 2-5 schematic diagram of the structure of the circular platen printer

during printing, the printing plate moves back and forth with the plate loading platform relative to the impression cylinder. The impression cylinder is generally in a fixed position, rotating with the substrate while imprinting. The pressure exerted by the impression cylinder on the substrate is greater than that of the flat platen printer. However, due to the reciprocating motion of the plate table, the printing speed is limited and the production efficiency is not high. The main body of printed books and periodicals. This type of printing machine includes: one rotary relief printing machine, two rotary relief printing machine 2.4 automatic storage: automatic storage of experimental data and experimental conditions, stop rotary relief printing machine, lithographic proofing machine, etc

(III) circular press

is also called rotary press. Its structural feature is that both the plate loading mechanism and the imprinting mechanism are cylindrical cylinders. The cylindrical plate loading mechanism is commonly known as the plate printing cylinder, as shown in Figure 2-6

figure 2-6 schematic diagram of the structure of the circular press

during printing, the imprint cylinder carries the substrate and rotates in the opposite direction to the plate cylinder while imprinting. Due to the short contact time between the impression cylinder and the plate cylinder, the pressure on the substrate is smaller than that of the circular press

the circular press uses the continuous contact between the impression cylinder and the plate cylinder to imprint, with stable movement, simple structure and fast printing speed. If the printing devices are combined and designed into a satellite or unit type printing machine, it can also carry out double-sided and multi-color printing, with high production efficiency. At present, this kind of printing machine is most used, including lithographic printing machine, gravure printing machine, flexographic printing machine, and high-speed web printing machine for printing books, periodicals and newspapers

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