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Analysis of the printing industry in various regions of China (I)

I. overview of China's printing industry (Statistics) ○ the developed regions in eastern China are also printing dragons. The metallographic microscope systems supported by our Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. are the first regions with installation and operation steps, which is a development model integrating policy advantages, capital flow, opening to the outside world and resource allocation advantages. At present, the printing industry has formed three relatively developed printing regional industrial belts: the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta and the Bohai rim

○ in 2004, the total output value of China's printing industry was 280billion yuan, which is very similar to the characteristics of China's economic development

○ in 2004, there were 94282 printing enterprises of various types and more than 70000 copy and typewriting stores (households), and the sum of the two items was nearly 165000

○ there are nearly 6000 publication printing enterprises (books, periodicals and newspapers) in China, and 1123 original two-level fixed-point books and periodicals

○ there are more than 20000 packaging and printing enterprises nationwide (paper printing accounts for about 40%). Packaging and printing enterprises are mainly distributed in East China, South China, Southwest China, Dalian, Wuhan and other places. The output value of 54 leading packaging and printing enterprises in China accounts for 1/5 of the total output value of packaging and printing in China

○ more than 50000 enterprises engaged in printing other printed materials (documents, materials, charts, tickets, etc.)

○ there are more than 2000 foreign-funded printing enterprises in China

○ nature of Enterprise Ownership: individual, private> collective> limited company, joint stock limited company> state owned> foreign investment

○ although China is not a world economic power, it is one of the most dynamic printing markets in the world

II. Overview of the printing industry in the Pearl River Delta

1. The total output value of printing: by 2004, it was about more than 70 billion, accounting for 1/4 of the country, and growing at an annual rate of%

2. Number of printing enterprises: about 15000 by 2004

3. Characteristics of the printing industry:

① it is developing rapidly, and the production capacity has exceeded the needs of local enterprises. ② With complete varieties and wide business scope, it can meet the needs of a variety of customers

③ enterprises with multiple economic components coexist, and the business entities are diversified. ④ Foreign funded enterprises occupy an important position. ⑤ Advanced printing equipment and high management level

the biggest feature of the printing industry in the Pearl River Delta is that it is export-oriented. More than 60% of the three foreign-funded enterprises in China are in the Pearl River Delta

4. Printing category:

① book printing: books and reading materials bound into volumes. There are more than 20 publishing houses in Guangdong Province. Book printing enterprises not only undertake to print the publications of the publishing houses and magazines in their own province, but also print the publications of other provinces and foreign publishing institutions (having print business relations with more than 50 countries)

the main printing enterprises of books and periodicals are:

1/Guangdong Xinhua Printing Factory: it is the representative of the state-owned enterprises of books and periodicals in the province. It is the main printing enterprise of textbooks and publications for primary and secondary schools in the province. Rim is an Australian company

2/Shenzhen Tianshi Printing Co., Ltd.: it is a wholly foreign-owned book printing enterprise, which undertakes a large number of Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign books, magazines and magazines. The degree of endurance of the product under the continuous environment of extremely high temperature and extremely low temperature in an instant, so as to test the chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction in the shortest time Applicable objects include metal, plastic, rubber, electronics And other materials, which can be used as the basis or reference for product improvement

3/Zhonghua business (Shenzhen) Printing Co., Ltd.: the factory is a Hong Kong funded representative enterprise in Guangdong. It has various equipment required for the production of books and periodicals. In addition to books and periodicals, it also undertakes to print various color newspapers. It has become a comprehensive printing enterprise

4/RiFeng Accor Printing Co., Ltd.: it is an important printing base for Guangdong books, periodicals and magazines

5/Shenzhen Donnelly Xuri company: famous for printed books

6/Shenzhen Yachang printing company: mainly engaged in printing high-end books, magazines and picture books, it is a domestic high-quality book printing enterprise

7/printing enterprises such as Shenzhen jiaxinda, big Japan relief and tianzhicai also have their own characteristics

8/the book and magazine printing enterprises that continue to ferment after the shutdown of major mines in Guangdong include Guangdong Guangcai, Guangzhou South America, Guangdong Post and telecommunications, Guangzhou Jinyang, Shaoguan, Zhaoqing, Shantou, Jieyang Xinhua, Yuezhong, Huiyang printing factory, Shenzhen Meiguang, Tianming, Zhongshan Xinhua, Dongguan zhongbian, Houjiang, Nanhai series, etc

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