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Problem analysis of PET bottle packaging beer

● problem 2: with regard to the suppliers of traditional process

packaging materials, the first goal of PET bottle packaging beer is to focus on the research and development of PET beer bottles that have been pasteurized. Its starting point is the traditional process that the vast majority of Chinese beer, accounting for at least 90% of the total, is to obtain mature beer with sufficient shelf life and shelf life after being pasteurized after filling. Even in order to adapt to the process conditions of high-temperature treatment after filling, the capping structure also inherits the traditional tinplate crown cap. Nizaki base will provide some samples and solutions according to the requirements of different customers. In order to comply with the traditional process, it tries to achieve the strategic positioning of "equivalent replacement" between polyester bottle packaged beer and glass bottle packaged beer, hoping to minimize the resistance in market promotion

what is the actual situation

first of all, it is impossible for beer packaged in polyester bottles to be completely "equivalently replaced" with beer packaged in glass bottles

polyester bottle can follow the traditional process and meet the high-temperature process conditions of pasteurization, but it is bound to choose high-temperature resistant polyester materials, which will lose certain competitive advantages in cost and cost performance. Secondly, if we can start from the R & D purpose of maintaining and pursuing the maximization of consumer value, I'm afraid we should first put this project under the general trend and background of human consumption in the 21st century, pursuing nature and returning to nature, and correctly guide consumption and offer consumers a new process of aseptic cold filling of cooked beer, which brings consumers more pure taste, Nutritionally, fresh beer rich in composite materials will be widely used in the body structure of China Russia long-range wide body airliner. At the same time, due to the elimination of the traditional pasteurization and high temperature treatment after packaging, polyester materials with more price competitiveness and higher cost performance can be selected. Japan uses big data to change the research and development method of new materials. The traditional tinplate crown cap can also be replaced with a bright and beautiful plastic twist off cap that is easy to open and can be sealed repeatedly, so that the whole image of the new polyester bottle packaged beer is changed, So as to be more attractive to consumers, why not

in addition, there are three basic conditions for aseptic cold filling of fresh beer: the first is the sterility of its own wine body, the second is the sterility of packaging material bottles and caps, and the third is the sterility of equipment including the environment. Using polyester bottles can ensure the sterility of packaging materials in the aseptic cold filling of fresh beer in one step. Compared with using recycled glass bottles, the microbial risk is reduced by at least ten times, that is, an order of magnitude

weighing the advantages and disadvantages, it is worth considering the choice of traditional process and the decision-making of the initial goal of polyester bottle

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