Amway synthetic leather takes root in Hefei and le

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Amway synthetic leather takes root in Hefei and leads the industry

striving to become the world's best synthetic leather enterprise. The slogan of Anhui Amway synthetic leather Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Amway Co., Ltd.) on the plant is sonorous and powerful, which gives people a boost. Taking root in Hefei, Amway shares has strived to become the world's best in the industry after nearly 20 years of development

products are famous and internationally renowned brands favor Amway

not long ago, the high-level investigation composed of middle and senior managers of Samsung Electronics headquarters in South Korea took the spring on the vehicle as an example, and went deep into Amway with an unprecedented lineup for investigation and exchange. The delegation was very satisfied with Amway's fast product development, stable quality and complete variety, and hoped to expand cooperation

not only Samsung in South Korea, but also international well-known brands such as Kouchi, Chanel, Samsonite, Armani, Adidas, apple, blackberry, etc. also favor Amway products. Many domestic well-known brands such as Reebok, Anta, Daphne and their processing plants highly recognize the brand and quality of Amway. These attracted new customers, as well as some long-term cooperative old customers, have become an important support for the steady growth of Amway's performance

according to the 2013 semi annual report of Amway, the operating profit of Amway in the first half of the year increased by 16.44% year-on-year

according to Yao Heping, chairman of Amway, in the next two years, Amway plans to form an annual output value of 3 billion yuan, an annual sales revenue of 2.3 billion yuan of polyurethane synthetic leather, and an annual profit and tax of more than 350million yuan in New York without PS ban

what is the secret of Amway's success? Yao Heping introduced that the combination of technology and marketing has forged Amway's sharp weapon for development. Nowadays, with strong independent innovation ability, low energy consumption, rich market customers and sufficient development potential, enterprises are recognized as leaders in the industry

this is true. At Amway, more than 3% of the annual main business income is invested in innovation and R & D, constantly improving the technological innovation ability and level of enterprises. At present, Amway has 94 authorized patents, ranking first in the same industry in China. In the first half of this year, the company applied for 16 new patents

at the same time, relying on its strong technical strength, Amway has become an important participant in the formulation of international, national and industrial standards. It is the enterprise that presides over and participates in the formulation of national and national industrial standards in the same industry in China. Liusongxia, Secretary of Amway's board of directors and director of management, said that the national standards led or participated in by Amway can effectively prolong the service life of the experimental machine. There are 24 industry standards

in terms of marketing, Amway always adheres to the brand line and bases itself on the synthetic leather industry with high-quality products. Closely focus on the market and customer needs, and even want to be in front of customers, so as to lead the market trend

take root in feishen, which is a hot land for investment and development.

Amway is a Hefei native enterprise, which can be said to develop together with Hefei. Yaoheping, chairman of the company, was deeply touched by this. Yaoheping said that Hefei has developed rapidly in recent years, and has become a hot land for investment and development. It has perfect infrastructure, low factor cost and high government efficiency. I have also been to many coastal cities. After comparison, I found that Hefei is really good

Liu Songxia introduced that Hefei has a good macro environment and has issued a series of policy systems to support economic development, which has given great support to enterprises in many aspects, such as technological innovation and talent introduction

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