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Hongmei c5155 color TV three no fault case

maintenance: power on and test 130v main power supply, normal. Observe the filament of the picture tube and it doesn't light up. Touch the heat sink of the power supply tube after shutdown, and keep it warm; Touch the heat sink of the tube, it's cold. It can be seen that the row output stage is not working

the line output stage does not work, either the line oscillation does not output, or the oscillation is normal and the rear push or the output stage is faulty. The line oscillation of this machine is output from integrated circuit 3. Indication accuracy: ± 1% ta7698. The voltage of its 33 pin is measured to be 8V, which is normal. At this time, there should be oscillation waveform output (it can be judged more accurately by using oscilloscope). Then check it and wait for you to come to the single acting stage. Measure the pushing tube voltage, almost 0V. It seems that the problem is here! The push tube is powered by a 5.6k/3w resistor to depressurize the 130v main power supply. Do you know the functional characteristics of the cardboard tensile testing machine?. Measure the other end of the action resistance of "stone, scissors, cloth" of taixiao Liu 10 for many times. The voltage of 130v is normal, and this end is 0V. It seems that this resistance is open circuit. Weld the next quantity, so it is. Replace it and troubleshoot it

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