Amway has invested more than 100 million yuan to r

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Amway has returned to e-commerce. At present, it has invested more than 100 million yuan

Amway has experienced many rounds of development in China. As a traditional company that has won fame through direct selling, Amway has completed the process of "transformation" of e-commerce in the tide of networking.

if it weren't for data, no one would know that Amway has achieved such brilliant success in China. Amway's fiscal year data show that Amway's sales in China have reached US $1billion, an increase of 35% over the previous year, accounting for one fifth of the world. China has become Amway's largest market in the world, thanks to the fact that more and more aircraft components have begun to use advanced polymer composites; Amway products have accounted for one sixth of the market share of nutritional products in China. In June this year, Amway announced a one-time capital increase of US $120million in China on the second day after the "double lifting" in Beijing. In November, officials at the vice president level of almost every department of Amway worldwide came to Amway China's headquarters in Guangzhou to celebrate the victory and learn from Amway China's success on the one hand

however, Amway's successful transformation in China is not taken for granted. A few years ago, Amway was forced to adopt the method of "store sales and hiring salesmen" to start its transformation in China. At present, Amway has set up more than 110 franchise stores and more than 70000 salesmen in more than 30 provinces and cities in China. Amway has invested more than 100million yuan in it in China. Randy ncino, vice president of global information technology and global CIO of Amway, who came to China this time, revealed that Amway China will restart e-commerce next year. As a traditional company that wins fame by direct selling mode, how does Amway complete its "transformation" in the tide of networking and informatization, and how will e-commerce affect its direct selling mode

Amway: the new face of the Internet era

there is a detail that can explain the changes Amway is facing in the Internet era. Amway's traditional salespersons in the United States are generally older, which makes it easy to gain trust and experience in the direct selling industry. However, after Amway implemented information technology, especially e-commerce, the survey found that Amway's salesperson was 10 years younger on average, and a similar transformation occurred in the customer base, so Amway won more young customers. Liulunkai, the director of Amway Greater China system development, also felt this. Amway's e-commerce output value in Taiwan, China reached 600million yuan, making it one of the largest e-commerce companies in Taiwan, China. Young people in Taiwan, China are more willing to order Amway products through contacts. Within five years, Amway (Taiwan) has transformed from a traditional retail enterprise into an efficient electronic enterprise, which has changed the face of Amway

in fact, Amway has gone further in the electronic transformation in the United States. In 1999, the parent company of Amway, Alticor, established an independent e-commerce station, Quixtar, with a sales revenue of US $500million in the first year of its establishment. At present, Quixtar ranks fifth among e-commerce stations in North America, accounting for 80% of Amway's sales in the United States. However, Amway has its unique path behind its success in e-commerce

many e-commerce companies in the United States rely too much on high technology and ignore the solid foundation of their own business. On the one hand, pure e-commerce companies have not formed a perfect marketing model. On the other hand, customers are also worried about whether e-commerce is reliable and worth trading on. However, Amway has formed a perfect match in this regard. Amway attaches great importance to the role of independent dealers in the whole e-commerce system. By using the membership system and the reasonably designed return mechanism, traditional sales and high technology are combined, and the e-commerce that has always been a retreat is no longer thin

the convenience provided by Internet and e-commerce adds more added value to traditional channels. However, the direct selling industry is still very special. When Avon launched e-commerce at that time, it was strongly opposed by direct sellers, and its share price fell a lot. Will e-commerce really rob the business of direct sellers? How to find a commercial and technical balance between different interests? Bancino is the founder of Quixtar. He has made great progress because of Quixtar's success. He explained the secret. E-commerce is not a separate link in Amway's marketing model, but integrated into the whole Amway's sales system. In terms of business, if you want to successfully place an order at the station, you must introduce the members of the dealer. Like the traditional sales model, the dealer will also get the corresponding return. At that time, when Amway launched e-commerce in the United States, it also caused anxiety. However, through planned, step-by-step and multifaceted adjustment, Amway consolidated its partnership with dealers. In addition, in addition to simple means, Amway did not abandon traditional, fax, or even launch SMS, and adopted a pragmatic "everything for yourself" composite e-commerce strategy. This pragmatic but not rigid attitude also reflects Amway's acceptance, understanding and application of technology. The green development of plastic granulator in China is a trend, and the transformation of different strategies in different periods can be realized

can't replace each other, but can only complement each other. Back to e-commerce

two years ago, Amway China had an e-commerce plan, but it had to be suspended because of the cold winter of China Internet. Now, with the visit of Amway's global CIO to China and Quixtar's successful experience in e-commerce, Amway will return to e-commerce next year. At this time, the domestic IT infrastructure, especially Amway's own it application level, is different. When I interviewed Amway China headquarters on the 41st floor of Guangzhou CITIC Building, I saw Amway's AS400 server and advanced computer room facilities. The number of employees in the computer department also ranked first, surpassing other business departments. In China, Amway will generate 1million structural orders for blade cutting every day, which will be summarized to the Guangzhou headquarters through the regional centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. After processing, the data is transmitted to the U.S. headquarters through Hong Kong, China, and the relevant data is fed back. The huge investment in IT infrastructure, even if there is no e-commerce, is also indispensable for such multinational companies, and the technical foundation of e-commerce has become a piece of cake

the key is capital flow and logistics. In terms of logistics, more than 110 stores nationwide have been established in the process of Amway's transformation, laying the foundation for door-to-door delivery. These stores will make

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