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An example of developing silk screen printing products in scenic spots

Zhang Wei, who has been doing marketing work for seven or eight years, found that the number of people traveling increased significantly, especially during holidays. He further understands the purposes of people's Tourism: first, to visit mountains and rivers, to appreciate and appreciate the beautiful scenery of nature, to broaden our horizons, to cultivate our sentiment, to relax the intense pressure of work and life, and second, to taste local flavor, or to investigate the local customs. Third, take photos and buy some inexpensive tourist souvenirs with local characteristics to enjoy by yourself, or give them to family, relatives and friends. For example, the miniature Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an, the Longmen Grottoes with automatic temperature control, automatic timing and automatic alarm in Luoyang, the magnet Maitreya Buddha in Shaolin Temple, the flower umbrella in Hangzhou, the small Tapestry in Urumqi, etc. Every time I see these souvenirs, it can arouse people's good memories and make people have endless afterthoughts

in Ning'an City, Heilongjiang Province, there is one of the largest (second in the world) Alpine barrier lakes in China, Jingbo lake. It is a volcanic lava barrier lake formed by the volcanic eruption more than 10000 years ago and the basaltic magma blocking the Mudanjiang River. It is a famous summer resort in Northeast China and a well-known "underground forest" in the country. Zhang Wei's home is in Tokyo Town, not far from Jingpo Lake. After not selling, he decided to develop silk screen tourist souvenirs locally. To this end, he went to Qingdao, Xiongxian County, Hebei Province, Jinxiang Township, Wenzhou and other places to investigate in detail the market capacity, development prospects and related technologies of silk printing

he went to Mudanjiang Guohua silk printing school to learn the latest printing technology in China, such as sublimation transfer printing. He bought silk printing brushes and various inks with small volume, light weight and convenient handling. He recruited several students from the school nearby. Before the arrival of the tourism season this summer, he rented a vacant lot near the famous scenic spot of Jingbo lake, set up a mobile room, printed and sold tourist cultural souvenirs on site, He prepared various editions, and on the T-shirts, wood paintings, silk paintings and folding fans, he printed the eight major landscapes of Jingpo Lake, such as diaoshuilou waterfall, pearl gate and "underground forest", as well as the words "Jingpo Lake tourism Memorial" and "underground forest tourism Memorial". The effect of selling these tourist souvenirs on the spot to Chinese and foreign tourists who came for sightseeing and summer vacation was beyond Zhang Wei's expectation. He can sell more than 60 T-shirts every day, each selling yuan, deducting the cost and other expenses. Each piece can earn and then be broken down to the initial raw material yuan. The cost of each piece of silk painting is 3 yuan. After printing, it can sell 7 yuan, and more than 50 pieces a day. Each piece of wood painting costs 2 yuan. After printing, it sells for 4 ~ 5 yuan, and can sell more than 30 pieces a day. The keel purchase price of folding fan is only 0.24 ~ 0.4 yuan, each piece of fan cloth is 0.20 ~ 0.38 yuan, and each piece of fan paper is 0.12 ~ 0.18 yuan. After printing, it can be pasted on the keel of folding fan. Each piece can sell for 2 ~ 3 yuan, and it can sell nearly 100 pieces a day. Demand exceeds supply during peak hours, including a small number of other tourist souvenirs. I earn 800 ~ 1000 yuan a day, and I am very busy. In the peak tourist season of more than 3 months, Zhang Weijing earned more than 60000 yuan after deducting various fees and expenses

the reason why Zhang Wei's business is so prosperous is that he has targeted opportunities, adapted to market demand, and found a frontline business opportunity in the cracks of the market. Because it is on-site operation, intuitive and clear, creative and novel, without the suspicion of fake and shoddy, so fine and lifelike color landscape pictures, green forests and words, but there is no printing trace and feel, so tourists (customers) are very interested. They buy while watching how special printing is done. This also satisfies the curiosity of tourists

the market seems to be saturated, but as long as you are willing to use your brain and work hard, you can still make new articles. Silk printing is a special printing industry with a broad market and bright prospects. It depends on whether you have characteristics and whether you can find the entry point of the market. In the economic tide, there are unlimited business opportunities and a lot of money. The silk screen printing market depends on discovery and excavation. Zhang Wei is a good example

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