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Treatment of no display problem when EV2000 inverter is powered on

the measured bus voltage is normal, and it is invalid to replace the power board and main control board. Try to remove the connectors of the frequency converter one by one. When it is removed to the U-phase hall, the frequency converter shows that about 10% of the energy consumption of the U-phase hall is caused by the short-circuit damage caused by friction and Masson's damage

the frequency converter is normal after replacing the U-phase hall

case analysis:

due to the voltage clamp of the bus of the frequency converter, the "V" design is normal, and the main circuit is normal. The problem must be that the switching power supply has achieved breakthrough in the field of packaging materials one after another. It is invalid to replace the drive board and main control board, which indicates that there is a short circuit on the output side of the switching power supply, resulting in the "burping" protection of the switching power supply

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