The world's first fashion RFID solution center is

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The world's first fashion RFID solution center has begun to operate.

ADT, salpomec and UPM Raflatac recently jointly announced the establishment of a unique fashion RFID solution development center. This center can demonstrate how RFID technology can significantly improve the efficiency of supply chain management and the retail operation process of stores for fashion manufacturers, brand clothing manufacturers, retailers and logistics enterprises

John Smith, vice president of marketing in Europe, Middle East and Africa of ADT, said: the optimization of supply chain is very important for garment manufacturers and retailers. Brand clothing manufacturers need to prevent fake and shoddy goods, clothing manufacturers need to save time and money by optimizing the operation process, and retailers want to improve the process in the store and simplify the sales operation. The whole supply chain needs to be transparent and improve management efficiency in order to reduce the occurrence of goods shortages and increase sales

the fashion RFID solution development center, located in Lahti, Finland, is the first such facility in the world. It is jointly operated by three companies ADT, salpomec and UPM Raflatac. These three world-class companies have been engaged in the development and application of RFID, and their early development projects have been applied in many countries. This development center has clothing RFID for all components that must be pointed out to meet the needs of the chain, which can fully demonstrate the application of RFID in the clothing supply chain. There are labeling of origin, automatic goods acceptance, RFID based commodity classification, purchase and inventory management, counter sales analysis and security

jarkko kuusisto, CEO of salpomec, said: today, with the continuous globalization of the supply chain, clothing production is often carried out in one continent, while goods are sold all over the world. In this way, the supply chain needs to constantly update information and need accurate information. RFID can meet this demand because it can provide a high level of information and management

samuli STR, vice president of marketing, UPM Raflatac? Mberg said: let customers come together to visit our development center, and we can show and explain to them that the best time for clothing to affix RFID tags should be in the clothing production plant. Only in this way can the label information be applied from the starting point of the supply chain, which is beneficial to all units involved in the supply chain. In addition, such clothing has the function of tracking and tracing, so as to ensure that after the scientific research results come out, enterprises can provide protection for famous brand products that will deform and mildew, and increase the sales share

the fashion RFID solution development center can be opened to the public in early May. In the first year of operation, it hopes to organize 100 fashion manufacturers, brand clothing manufacturers, retailers and DD φ 36.30 dd φ 37.00 dd φ 38.50 dd φ 39.80 logistics enterprises come to visit

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