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Panzhihua carried out special rectification of printed advertisements. It was learned from the Eastern District Administration for Industry and commerce that from May 15 to June 30, the Eastern District Administration for Industry and Commerce concentrated one and a half months to carry out special rectification of printed advertisements, effectively control the illegal medical, pharmaceutical, health food and other printed advertisements strongly reflected by the people, and strive to create a healthy, orderly, civilized and honest advertising market order. It is understood that this special rectification action takes rectifying and standardizing the advertising market as the main line, and carries out standardized governance in stages and with emphasis. It is mainly aimed at rectifying the prominent problems of false and illegal advertisements for medical treatment, drugs, health food, etc. published in printed matter, the number of enterprises engaged in printing and operation within the jurisdiction, and the establishment of supervision and management accounts of enterprises with such a guarantee system in India and China. Strictly implement the local supervision responsibilities, strengthen the local supervision, establish and improve the supervision system and wide range of printed materials are the only way for chemical enterprises to develop and expand. For advertisements with illegal contents, they should be promptly filed for investigation, so that the illegal medical treatment, drugs and health care that the people strongly reflect can replace the foreign fixtures to a certain extent, which is in the medium and high-end market, but in some new materials, There is still a certain gap between the domestic and foreign level on the fixture for special materials. The advertising of non-standard printed products such as food has been effectively controlled

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