The hottest industrial personal computer in baccal

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Baccalais' unparalleled industrial computer - Automation PC

at the 14th International Engineering Design Expo held in Nitra and Slovakia, baccalais apc620 series industrial computers won the "best product award" at the exhibition

at this exhibition, a total of 27 companies participated in the competition for innovative products and innovative technology awards. The main criteria for the award include the increasingly combined evaluation of the cutting-edge, innovative, original, overall design and performance, cost performance and other aspects of the shape description of the technology. Baccalais once again pushed APC and won awards, once again proving its high level of innovative technology. This is the 10th international award awarded to bekale industrial PC

apc620 is the most innovative industrial PC in the market at present. The remarkable characteristics of this APC are: Fan free design, the most important thing is that the compact structure lifts the nylon plug, and has excellent cost performance. APC integrates Pentium processor to provide more excellent performance processing capacity. Yuan idasso company and Chery company plan to sign a specific agreement to start the production process of these carbon fiber composite auto parts in Wuhu. The display distance can be up to 160 meters at most. All necessary interfaces are integrated on the motherboard to provide highly flexible expansion capacity for machinery manufacturers

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