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Industrial robot automatic production line

structure and system function of robot automatic spraying line

the structure of robot automatic spraying line is determined according to the product type, production mode, transportation type, production program, paint type and other process parameters of the spraying object, and the system function is set according to its production scale, production process and automation degree, as shown in Figure 1

1. Automatic identification system

the identification system is the basic unit that the automatic line, especially the multi variety mixed production line, must have. It recognizes according to the shape characteristics of different parts. Generally, multiple infrared photoelectric switches are used to arrange the installation position according to the signal that can produce the shape characteristics of different parts. When the painted parts on the automatic line pass through the identification station, the identified part models are grouped and queued, and sent to the main control system through communication

2. Synchronous system

the synchronous system is generally used in continuous through production lines to establish a synchronous coordination relationship between the working speed of robots and spraying machines and the speed of the conveying chain, so as to prevent the equipment from colliding with the workpiece due to the speed difference, and measure the elevation of hollow pier. The synchronization system automatically detects the speed of the conveying chain and sends pulse signals to the robot and the general console. The robot determines the execution speed of the reproduction program according to the chain speed signal, so that the moving position of the robot is synchronized with the position of the parts on the chain

3. automatic detection of workpiece in place

when the sprayed parts on the conveyor chain move to the working range of the spraying robot, the spraying robot must start working. The start signal of the spraying robot starting operation is given by the workpiece in place start detection device. This signal starts the spraying procedure of the spraying robot. If no workpiece enters the spraying operation area, the spraying robot is in a waiting state. Another function of the start signal is to subtract a workpiece trigger signal from the queue of workpieces by the master control system. The automatic detection device for workpiece in place usually adopts infrared photoelectric switch or travel switch to generate start signal

4. robot and automatic spraying machine

in addition to the basic working parameters and functions, the spraying robot and spraying machine used on the automatic spraying line should also have:

1) the working speed of the spraying robot must be higher than 150% of the normal spraying speed to meet the rapid operation at the same time

2) automatic start function

3) synchronization function

4) automatic program replacement function (able to accept identification signals)

5) communication function

5. The main control system (see Figure 2)

the main control system of the automatic spraying line controls the operation of all equipment. It has the following functions:

the product performance is equivalent to that of PA11 and PA12 of the same kind in the world. 1) automatic start, stop and interlock functions of the whole line

2) automatic and manual queuing, receiving identification signals and sending programs to the spraying robot

3) control the function of automatic paint transfer and color change system

4) automatic fault diagnosis function

5) real time working condition display function

6) single machine offline (due to fault) and online function

7) production management function (automatic statistics of products, reports, printing)

6. automatic paint conveying and color changing system

in order to ensure the spraying quality of the automatic spraying line, the paint conveying system must adopt automatic mixing and main pipe circulation, so that the viscosity of the paint conveyed to the sprayer at each station is consistent. For multi-color spraying operations, the spray tool adopts an automatic color change system. This system includes automatic cleaning and drying functions. The color changer is generally installed close to the sprayer, so as to reduce the time of color change and meet the time beat requirements. At the same time, less paint is wasted during cleaning. The automatic color change system is controlled by the robot. For the color instructions of the sprayed parts, domestic and foreign experimental machine manufacturers have launched the experimental machine dual operation system, which is given by the general control system. Figure 3 Schematic diagram of automatic color change system

7. automatic conveying chain

there are two kinds of automatic conveying chains for conveying parts on automatic spraying lines: suspension chain and ground chain. The suspension chain is divided into ordinary suspension chain and vertebral rod suspension chain. There are many kinds of ground chains, including trolley conveyor chain, chain conveyor chain, roller conveyor chain, etc. At present, skid type ground chain is widely used in automobile coating. This chain has stable operation and good reliability, and is suitable for fully automatic and high gloss coating lines. The selection of conveyor chain depends on the production scale, part shape, weight and coating process requirements. When the suspension chain transports parts, foreign matters may fall off the hanger or track, so it is generally used in the automatic line with low surface spraying quality requirements and workpiece bottom spraying. For large parts with high requirements for surface coating quality, the ground must be used to ensure that the pressure of the accumulator is in a normal working state

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