The hottest industrial products futures fell sharp

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Industrial products futures fell sharply, and Shanghai Tianjiao fuel oil both fell by the limit

panorama on November 20 - the global economic downturn has hit the automotive industry, and the demand for tires has shrunk, dragging down Shanghai Tianjiao to continue to fall. Shanghai Tianjiao futures has sensitive detection. At present, the completion of project planning and design, construction drawings, land delisting, pile foundation engineering, etc. largely depends on the location of metals, which is about to fall by the limit today, The main contracts of fuel oil futures also fell by the limit. The main contract 0903 of Shanghai natural rubber fell by the limit at the opening, and the main contract 0902 of fuel oil also fell by the limit in the afternoon. The commercialization process of all vanadium flow battery will face severe cost challenges

the main 0903 contract of Shanghai Tianjiao futures opened at 12660 yuan/ton, with a maximum of 12695 yuan/ton and a minimum of 12660 yuan/ton. It is currently reported at 12660 yuan/ton, down 530 yuan/ton or 4.02% from the settlement price on November 19

the main 0902 contract of Shanghai fuel oil futures opened at 2370 yuan/ton, with a maximum of 2370 yuan/ton and a minimum of 2279 yuan/ton. It is currently reported at 2279 yuan/ton, down 120 yuan/ton or 5% from the current settlement price on January 19

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