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Industrial power from "manufacturing" to "smart manufacturing"

in Nansha, Guangzhou, Yuncong technology successfully developed 3D structured light face recognition technology for the first time in China, and the first commercial cross mirror tracking technology, which reduced the face recognition speed from 0.1 seconds to 0.001 seconds. The staff of the exhibition hall demonstrated on-site that it can instantly brush the face, whether for security access control, consumption payment, or fitting clothes

cross the Nansha bridge to the East and come to Dongguan Songshan Lake Guangdong Shengyi Technology Co., Ltd. the main product copper clad laminate is known as the foundation of the electronic industry. The more basic the material, the more difficult it is to do. The key to overcome difficulties depends on innovation! Wang Peng, the production director of the company, said frankly that it has more than 870 authorized patents at home and abroad, and the basic industry can also be very hard core

continue to reach Shenzhen eastward, Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong youth dream workshop, and the aircraft video holographic projection system developed by Weifeng Chuanglian is displayed on site. Many UAVs fly in the air, making the innovation scene dream

the media group of the high-quality development research bank, which is composed of nearly 100 members from dozens of central and provincial media, visited along the way and found that Guangdong manufacturing has accelerated the leap to intelligent manufacturing, with supply side structural reform as the main line, accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, and building a modern industrial system to support high-quality development

the Pearl River is vast, and the bay area sets sail. Guangdong is constantly stimulating the surging momentum of high-quality development with its drive to dance in the wind and rain

March to smart manufacturing, gallop at the new smart manufacturing track

after 15 years of working in Huawei, Xu Biye chose to take an inter-bank challenge, jumping from the communications industry to the robotics industry, Guangdong tostar Technology Co., Ltd., as the head of the product R & D center

I chose tostar because it is very suitable to focus on research and development. I dream of building tostar into Huawei in the field of industrial robots one day. Xu Biye said frankly. As an intelligent manufacturing enterprise focusing on industrial robots, tostar has obtained more than 100 national authorized patents and has core competitiveness in the research and development of robot underlying technology

when entering the tostar production workshop, rows of robots dance up and down. After production, assembly, testing and other links, these robots will enter the production workshops of many manufacturing enterprises in the Pearl River Delta, promoting the majority of manufacturing enterprises to embark on the road of intelligent manufacturing

Guangdong is running on the new track of intelligent manufacturing. One of every five industrial robots in the country is produced in Guangdong. They gracefully and flexibly represent the brilliant future of high-end manufacturing in Guangdong

to achieve high-quality development, the most important thing for Guangdong is to grasp the industrial system characterized by other new materials, the real economy with manufacturing as the main body, and speed up industrial transformation and upgrading. Industrial robots are an important medium to promote the intelligent change of traditional manufacturing industry

in Foshan, not far away, Midea Group, a home appliance giant, has quietly become a giant in the field of industrial robots after acquiring KUKA

our evaluation of our own intelligent manufacturing has exceeded expectations, and the externally empowered customer feedback has also achieved the desired effect. Zhang Xiaoyi, vice president and CIO of Midea Group, introduced. Midea is carrying out automation, informatization and intelligent transformation internally to build an interconnected factory. The automation rate of its Nansha factory air conditioning production line is at the leading level in the industry

more importantly, Midea empowers upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain by exporting automation solutions composed of the entire industrial interconnection platform, cloud systems, industrial robots, etc., helping to improve the level of Intelligent Manufacturing in the entire industry

at the same time, Guangdong has also made great efforts at the level of policy support, introducing specific measures to support enterprises to promote the deep integration of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries through industrial interconnection on the cloud platform. Among them, the provincial government has invested more than 13 billion yuan to implement the three-year action plan for two rounds of industrial technological transformation, benefiting more than 30000 enterprises and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries

strong support for innovation, innovation driven release of momentum

into Huizhou enterprise Yiwei lithium energy, patent certificates are densely hung on the whole wall

at present, the company has 1126 patents, about 55% of which are invention patents. We take innovation as the foundation of development! Said Yuan Zhongzhi, deputy general manager and chief technology officer of Yiwei lithium energy

the investment of Yiwei lithium in R & D increased year by year, and the proportion of R & D investment in 2018 in the total revenue of that year increased to 9.07%. Adhering to innovation has also paid off. At present, Yiwei lithium energy is one of the few enterprises in the industry with comprehensive solutions for power batteries, which can comprehensively cover different fields such as new energy special vehicles, commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles and so on

this is an epitome of Guangdong's in-depth implementation of the innovation driven strategy. In 2018, the R & D expenditure of the province exceeded 250billion yuan, accounting for 2.65% of the GDP. PCT international patent applications accounted for about half of the country, with 249000 effective invention patents, ranking first in the country, and the technology self-sufficiency rate reached 73%. The comprehensive ability of regional innovation ranked first in the country for two consecutive years

with the continuous release of kinetic energy, innovation has increasingly become the consensus of all walks of life in Guangdong

independent innovation brings good news to patients. It has become a history that only autologous skin grafting can be used after burns and scalds. The laboratory of biomedical materials and implantable devices of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen has developed a double-layer artificial dermal repair material after arduous innovation

and even more newer media appear. Compared with the traditional skin grafting technology, there is no need to take large pieces of skin from other parts of the patient. The longer the time after use, the smaller the appearance difference with the surrounding skin. Liuweiqiang, director of the Institute of new materials and biomedicine of the hospital, said that the product is mainly used to deal with large-area burns, and has been successfully used in thousands of clinical applications across the country. Some patients have normal hair growth from artificial dermis after surgery

there is no shortcut to innovation. If there is no persistent squat run-up in key areas, the take-off jump of innovation and technological breakthrough cannot be achieved. Using natural fiber composites in automobiles

at present, our province is strengthening basic research, applied basic research and core technology research, providing a strong driving force for high-quality development

innovation should focus on the key. Guangdong organized and implemented the R & D plan in nine key areas, concentrated on breaking through a number of key core technologies, and focused on solving the neck sticking problem

innovation should be supported by a platform. Guangdong has made great efforts to strengthen the construction of major innovation platforms, built a number of major national scientific and technological infrastructure such as Dongguan spallation neutron source and Shenzhen national gene bank, and started the construction of two batches of seven provincial laboratories. This year, it will also plan to start the third batch of provincial laboratories

innovation should stimulate market vitality. By strengthening the dominant position of enterprises in innovation and guiding enterprises to increase R & D investment, our province has achieved an annual main business income of more than 500 million yuan, and the R & D institutions of industrial enterprises are fully covered

we should not only concentrate on scientific and technological breakthroughs, but also pay attention to policy guidance. Guangdong has continued to deepen the reform of the scientific and technological system and mechanism. Through the formulation and introduction of a series of innovative policies such as the 12 articles on scientific and technological innovation and the strengthening of basic and applied basic research, Guangdong has loosened the ties for scientific research, empowered innovation, and cultivated stamina for the high-quality development of the regional economy

embrace the new wave and vigorously seize the new heights of the industry

on July 22, fortune Chinese released the latest Fortune Global 500 list synchronously. 13 enterprises in Guangdong were listed, and Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which has attracted much attention, was listed for the first time. Guangdong's advanced manufacturing industry ushered in another world top 500. In addition to focusing on the main industry of household appliances, Gree has also accelerated its expansion to strategic emerging industries such as new energy vehicles in recent years, Seize the new highland of the industry

on the same day, the listing ceremony of the first batch of enterprises on the gem was held on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Among the three Guangdong enterprises selected in the first batch list, Guangfeng technology comes from the laser display industry, fangbang shares belongs to the field of new materials, and Jiayuan Technology specializes in the R & D and production of high-performance electrolytic copper foil for lithium-ion batteries, all of which belong to strategic emerging industries

in today's Guangdong, the optimization of industrial structure is accelerating, and a modern industrial system supporting high-quality development is taking shape

in the exhibition hall of csot, 5mm ultra-thin display screens, 4K and 8K display screens, a series of products representing the top technical level of the industry, have attracted the attention of media groups. Even in order to better meet 5g technology, csot has developed 8K display screen to meet the needs of the future market

embrace the new wave and seize the new highland of the industry. At present, the 4k/8k ultra-high definition video industry has become a new driving force for the economic development of our province. Guangdong has launched the first provincial 4K channel in the country, the shipment of 4K chips ranks first in the country, the production capacity of display panels ranks first in the country, and the output of 4K TVs accounts for about half of the country, forming three 4K industrial clusters with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Huizhou

behind this, Guangdong's industrial structure is more optimized. In the first half of this year, the three major industrial structures in Guangdong were continuously optimized to 3.4:40.6:56.0. The growth rate of added value in the service industry contributed to the growth of regional GDP. New environmental friendly rubber additives, new varieties of processing additives, new products of new efficient and composite rubber and plastic additives, new environmentally friendly water treatment agents and other high-efficiency water treatment materials, new special chemicals for papermaking The preparation and utilization technology of new oilfield chemicals, new surfactants, new safety and environmental protection pigments and dyes, new textile dyeing and finishing additives, high-performance environmental protection adhesives and high-performance environment-friendly leather chemicals suitable for protective exploitation and enhanced oil recovery have reached 65.2%, and the stabilizer effect is prominent

the accelerated formation of a modern industrial system is providing a stronger support for the high-quality development of Guangdong's economy

the tide is flat, the banks are wide, and the wind is hanging a sail. Guangdong, which is led by intelligent manufacturing, supported by innovation and industrial upgrading, is accelerating on the track towards high-quality development

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