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How much carbon will an industrial product emit from raw material processing to the final "end of life"?

how much carbon will an industrial product emit from raw material processing to the final "end of life"? Dongguan meichitu Industrial Co., Ltd. is carrying out this calculation and plans to label one or two key products with carbon labels. Visit the enterprise with the staff of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau to understand that the number of welded joints in one shift is small when Dongguan enterprises undertake environmental protection and social related situations

It is enough to see the universality of the use of pressure testing machines

Dongguan Meritor, which settled in Fenggang in 1985, is a Hong Kong funded enterprise producing alloy car models and remote-control toy cars, with 3500 employees. In recent years, the enterprise has continued to invest in cleaner production and has been rated as a provincial and municipal environmental education base and a green community

carbon footprint refers to the sum of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removal during the life cycle of a product. It is a popular environmental protection and green concept in recent years. Carbon labeling is to mark the greenhouse gas emissions of goods in the production process with a quantitative index on the product label, and inform consumers of the carbon information of products in the form of labels. It can not only promote enterprises to improve production, but also guide low-carbon consumption

liuqiren, head of the factory, introduced that the Meritor carbon footprint project is divided into three stages: first, carbon inventory, quantifying carbon emissions within the organizational boundary; The second is carbon labeling, product level quantification, that is, the amount of odorized carbon produced by dioxygen adsorbable recycled plastics or additives emitted during the whole life cycle of a product from the production to disposal of raw materials; Then there is carbon emission reduction, or carbon neutralization, that is, enterprises take some measures to reduce emissions

it is reported that Meritor plans to create a carbon label for its main products within this year, and establish a carbon database for Meritor car model products within this year. Liu Qiren introduced that at present, the carbon inventory of car model products in the manufacturing stage has been completed, the total carbon dioxide emissions of car model products in the manufacturing process have been quantified, and a carbon data system has been established for real-time monitoring

according to the relevant person in charge of the Environmental Protection Bureau, Meritor is one of the few enterprises in Dongguan to carry out carbon footprint projects, and its exploration in this regard is worthy of recognition. According to reports, carbon labeling is not a mandatory requirement at home and abroad at present, but due to the requirements of customers or the need to improve products, more and more domestic enterprises have calculated their carbon footprint for their products and obtained carbon labels through certification institutions such as China Quality Certification Center (CQC)

it is reported that in order to continue to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, in recent years, Fenggang Meritor has specially carried out carbon footprint training among employees and promised to reduce carbon by 10% on the basis of accelerating the upgrading of plastic granulator technology by the end of 2013. In order to achieve this goal, LED lamps are used instead of T5 light tubes by replacing lighting equipment

at the same time, install environmental friendly air conditioners in public places, replace traditional refrigerants with environmental friendly refrigerants, and install exhaust systems to improve the cooling effect. In the plant area, 85% of the roofs are planted with turf to achieve indoor cooling

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