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Industrial paper on the island made a profit in the first half of the year

the financial reports of Taiwan's paper stocks in the first half of the year have been released one after another. Due to the downturn in the paper industry in the first half of this year, only yongfengyu, Zhenglong and Rongcheng of the seven listed paper companies have a surplus, and all of them are industrial paper mills. As for the pulp mills, the worst performance, Huaping, the leading pulp mill on the island, lost 324million yuan after tax in the first half of the year, The loss per share is 0.62 yuan, compared with the profit per share of 1.2 yuan in the first half of last year, which is very good. The recession is serious. Although the construction case of pulp mill Taiping paper is recorded, it is expected to remain in a loss state

although yongfengyu and Huazhi, which just announced the merger a few days ago, intend to officially merge on New Year's day next year, they have actively integrated their businesses in both aspects and reduced costs. Yongfengyu's profit in the first half of the year is 342million yuan before tax, with a profit of 0.27 yuan per share, which is the top in the paper industry this year. It is expected to continue to grow in the second half of the year. Although Huazhi lost 0.62 yuan per share in the first half of the year, the pulp price is planned to rise next month, coupled with the rebound in demand, The revenue in July has increased by 9% over the same period last year, so there is still a turnaround in the second half of the year. After the merger effect appears next year, the world is also understanding that Taizhou profit is expected to grow synchronously

industrial paper is limited by the sharp decline in pulp price, and the demand for industrial cartons is relatively stable. Therefore, despite the downturn, industrial paper mills were able to barely maintain a profit in the first half of the year, including Zhenglong, the largest industrial paper mill in the island, which earned 3 yuan in the first half of the year. There was a serious wait-and-see mood in the market of 4.67 million yuan, and a profit of 72.99 million yuan, all with a small surplus. Cultural paper also improved after the suspension of dumping by Indonesia Jindong group. Therefore, under the growth of cultural paper and the stability of industrial paper, yongfengyu topped the list with a pre tax surplus of 342million yuan. Baolong has achieved success in the development of leisure business in the mainland, and has turned into a profit since the beginning of the second quarter

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