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Industrial robot accidents occur frequently, laying the groundwork for collaborative robots

today, industrial robots are beginning to be introduced into intelligent manufacturing and production service environment in large numbers. Then, how advanced is the current industrial robot technology

terminator, A.I., I, robot, matrix and many other classic sci-fi films depict a world coexisting with mankind. With the maturity of science and technology and the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading, robots are no longer limited to Hollywood movies, but have gradually penetrated all areas of people's lives. Today, industrial robots have been introduced into the intelligent manufacturing and production service environment in large numbers. How advanced is the current industrial robot technology

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from the Amazon storage incident, count the frequent robot accidents

the Amazon bear spray leakage accident on December 7 attracted global attention. The incident occurred in New Jersey. After a 255g can of capsaicin fell off the shelf in an Amazon warehouse, it was pierced by a table tension machine. The accident caused 80 employees to feel uncomfortable, Among them, 24 people have been sent to hospital, and one person is in a serious condition. This is not the first robot accident

1. The world's first robot homicide

as early as 1978, when the cutting robot in a factory in Hiroshima, Japan was cutting steel plates, an abnormality suddenly occurred, and a worker on duty was operated as a steel plate, which was the world's first robot homicide

2. Kawasaki, Japan, mistakenly touched the button and died.

in 1981, a repairman in Akashi factory of Kawasaki heavy industry company, Japan, inadvertently touched the start button of the robot. The robot processing gears immediately worked, clamped the worker as a gear, and smashed it into meat cakes on the processing table

3. The robot automatically started to strangle workers

in 1982, when a worker in Yamanashi valve processing plant in Japan was adjusting the thread processing robot in the shutdown state, the robot suddenly started, hugged the workers and rotated, causing a tragedy

4. Robots in American automobile factories killed assemblers by mistake

in July 2015, a "Crazy" robot "killed assemblers in an American automobile factory by mistake. According to the investigators, at the time of the incident, the assembler was working in the "100 area" of Plant No. 6. Unfortunately, one of the robots suddenly "went crazy", moving from one area to another. After loading, he still tried to install it again, waving his arms indiscriminately, hitting him on the head and dying on the spot

5. The German 7.1 incident

the Financial Times reported in 2015 that a robot in the German Volkswagen manufacturing plant killed a human worker. At that time, the 21-year-old worker was installing and modulating the robot. The latter suddenly "shot" the worker in the chest and crushed it on the metal plate

6. Indian workers were "killed" by robots.

shortly after the accident in the German factory, such a tragedy occurred in India. A young worker from an auto parts company in manesar, India, was "killed" by a robot while repairing disjointed metal plates. In fact, the robot was pre programmed to weld metal plates

although robots have entered people's lives, people who advocate the popularization of industrial robots often say that efficient and accurate robots are the gospel of industrial development. But robot accidents still happen frequently, which makes people suspicious

accidents are all robots' pots

there is no doubt that a series of accidents have aggravated people's negative perception of robots. However, these accidents are not so much new types of accidents caused by robots as ordinary industrial accidents that often occur in recent years with the falling weight tear test method of gbt8363 (1) 987 ferritic steel

industrial robots are widely used in manufacturing and many other departments. They can replace people to do heavy work in dangerous places. While industrial robots liberate people from heavy and dangerous labor, there are also dangerous factors. Personal injury accidents caused by industrial robot failures often occur

industrial robots are composed of complex electromechanical systems, including sensors, controllers, work manufacturing components, conveying components, etc

people need to install, program and maintain industrial robots, and may also operate close to robots. Therefore, people will also participate in the working system of robots. When people approach industrial robots, safety problems may occur. The main reason is that the robot has a much larger degree of freedom than other ordinary machines. Its working parts can run in a larger space, with high-speed high-power arms and complex autonomous actions. If the robot fails, it may cause more serious harm

human machine collaboration is the trend of industrial robots in the future, and it is gradually maturing.

at present, the automotive, warehousing and logistics industries are the industries with the most intensive use of robots, but this automation product is being used more and more in other industries such as electronic manufacturing and medical industry, because the cost of robots is gradually reduced, and the functionality is greatly improved

the collaboration and safety of industrial robots are also being improved. Previously, foreign media reported that abb recently officially launched a more friendly two arm robot Yumi, which can be liberated from the "cage" and work closely with the staff on the same production line. At the same time, FANUC Corporation of Japan is also preparing to launch a product of the same type as Yumi, cr-35ia. This light, man-machine cooperative robot is equipped with sensors, which can sense people's movement. Some robots can even stop working when people are close

the ultimate goal of the realization of industry 4.0 and the development of intelligence is to promote operators to engineers to manage more robots, so as to create more production capacity, rather than simply replace personnel with robots. It can be predicted that human-computer cooperation in the future requires robots to have greater development in intelligence and flexibility. The progress of this series of technologies is bound to promote the improvement of robot safety performance. Intrinsic safety will be a necessary and basic feature of an ideal robot

cooperative robots will eventually become a transitional concept. With the development of technology, all robots in the future should have the characteristics of safe cooperative work with humans


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