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Industrial power is the inevitable choice for China's economic development

at the central economic work conference held in 2014, the central government made it clear that it would actively identify and cultivate new growth points as an important task of economic work in 2015. In the medium and long term, the key to adhering to the new road of industrialization, promoting the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, and building a manufacturing power is also to find and cultivate new growth points

as we all know, industry is the core of the real economy, and today's Chinese society has a tendency of deindustrialization that despises and even ignores industry. In fact, industry is the real hard power of a big country. The so-called role of soft power should not be exaggerated and deified. Soft power is also based on hard power. Without hard power, soft power can only become a castle in the air that is not useful

made in China 2025 proposed in the government work report of the two sessions this year is understood by the market as Chinese version industry 4.0. Insiders pointed out that made in China 2025 is based on the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology and intelligent manufacturing. (data pictures)

competition of industrial power in maritime rights and interests disputes

recently, Western media have been hyping China's large-scale island building project in the South China Sea. From the satellite images, the speed and efficiency of China's island building are indeed amazing. Yongshu Reef quickly became the largest island in Nansha from a reef. The intelligence agencies of the United States and relevant countries in the South China Sea are closely monitoring the every move of China's 172 meter long self-propelled cutter suction dredger Tianjing in the South China Sea. This dredger can operate 24 hours a day. It can dig 4500 cubic meters of sand from the sea bottom to the sea surface every hour for reclamation and island building. This efficiency is enough to make the five islands and reefs of the the Nansha Islands almost unrecognizable in less than 10 months

China's island building project in its territorial sea has attracted the attention of the United States thousands of miles away, which just highlights the strategic value and status of China's island building project, which will play an important role in promoting China's strategy of becoming a maritime power and safeguarding China's maritime rights and interests

the super large self-propelled cutter suction dredger Tianjing is a masterpiece of China's shipbuilding industry. The competition between China and Vietnam in the South China Sea is to a considerable extent a competition between the industrial strength of the two countries, especially the strength of the shipbuilding industry. In 2013, the output of China's shipbuilding industry was 45.34 million dwt, while in 2013, the output of Vietnam's shipbuilding industry was only 1.4 million dwt

steel output is an important indicator to measure a country's industrial strength. Vietnam's steel output in 2013 was 10million tons, and China's steel output in 2013 was 750million tons, accounting for almost half of the global steel output that year. This reflects the wide gap between China and Vietnam in industrial strength from one side, which is also the foundation for China to calmly deal with Vietnam's provocation. As for the Philippines, which is also an agricultural country, its industrial strength is not worth mentioning

human society is still in the era of industrial civilization. The development scale and technical level of industry, especially military industry, are the main standards to measure the strength or national strength of a country, especially a large country

the military industry is the crystallization of the industrial essence of a large country. Only a strong industrial country can establish a modern military industry. On September 25th, 2012, China's first aircraft carrier, Liaoning, was handed over to the list, which is a great achievement and breakthrough in China's military industry. But in general, China is still an industrial power rather than an industrial power

industry is still the most important standard for powerful countries

there is a consensus in the world on the definition of developed countries, that is, only countries with developed industry, such as stratasysconnex series, can be called developed countries, and all developed countries are industrial developed countries without exception. Rich does not mean developed. Countries like Saudi Arabia are recognized as oil-rich countries, but no one believes that Saudi Arabia is a developed country. Therefore, it is not true to enrich the country by relying on resources. Industry is the core of the real economy and the foundation of strengthening the country, enriching the people and creating employment opportunities

industry is also the main measure of a powerful country. Churchill, the former British Prime Minister, commented on Stalin that when he came to power, he took over a serf country holding a plowshare. When he died, he left behind a super industrial power with nuclear weapons. Stalin once said that if there is no heavy industry, we need to reach the target of 18% to 20%, then we will not have all modern national defense weapons. At that time, our position will be somewhat similar to that of China at present: China does not have its own heavy industry and military industry. Now whoever is happy can ravage it

Stalin was right. Without developed industry, there would be no modern national defense, as evidenced by Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and old China. Today's world is not peaceful. The jungle law of survival of the fittest and the law of the jungle of the jungle is still the basic law of survival in today's world. Industrial powers such as Britain, France, Germany, Russia, the United States and Japan, like predators such as lions, tigers, leopards, wolves and sharks, firmly occupy the top of the global food chain and become the strong ones of survival of the fittest and arrogance over the world. The root cause of world peace is that industrial developed countries bully industrial underdeveloped and non industrialized countries

industrial power is the foundation of the Chinese dream

since the modern West opened the door with strong ships and cannons, building a modern industrial power has become the dream and goal of many people with lofty ideals in modern China. Many Chinese people have an industrial power dream in their hearts, and it has been the same until today

on July 21, 2013, state leaders visited Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. and saw that this old state-owned enterprise insisted on self-reliance and independent innovation. They said with deep feeling that industrialization is very important. For a big country like ours, to be strong, it must rely on the real economy. The economy cannot foam. The spirit of self-reliance can never be less. Therefore, industry is the foundation of our country. Industry depends on self-reliance, independent research and development, independent innovation and full combustion - so in an optimistic situation, new forms our core competitiveness

on May 10, 2014, state leaders visited Zhengzhou China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd., went deep into the abdomen of the 85 meter long tunnel boring machine, and personally entered the control room to watch. He said that the construction of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization now requires the support of the equipment manufacturing industry. Your career is very meaningful. China is a big country in equipment manufacturing, but it still lags behind developed countries. To realize the Chinese dream, the foundation of equipment manufacturing must be firmly established

on May 23, 2014, state leaders said during an inspection at the design and R & D center of COMAC that in order to become a powerful country, we must develop the equipment manufacturing industry, and to develop large aircraft, we must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality, playing a leading and symbolic role. China is the largest aircraft market. In the past, some people said that it was better to buy than to build, and it was better to rent than to buy. This logic should be reversed, and more funds should be spent to develop and manufacture their own large aircraft. He said that China's aircraft manufacturing industry has gone through a difficult, bumpy and tortuous process. Now it is starting from scratch, with a good momentum and a good start. I hope you will persevere and keep your feet on the ground. I place high hopes on you

in May 2014, the state leaders inspected the backbone enterprises of the equipment manufacturing industry twice in a month and made an important speech on the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, which was unprecedented in the past, expressing the state leaders' high attention and ardent expectations for the equipment manufacturing industry, which is a great encouragement to the cadres and workers of the equipment manufacturing industry throughout the country. When inspecting Wuzhong, the state leaders proposed that industry is the foundation of our country and fully affirmed the status and role of industry in the real economy. During the inspection in Zhengzhou, the national leaders linked the equipment manufacturing industry with the Chinese dream, and regarded the equipment manufacturing industry as the foundation of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and the realization of the Chinese dream

in this era of interests and pursuit of diversity, the Chinese dream also presents diversified choices, but China's history since modern times tells us that to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, industrial power is the fundamental and equipment power is the core

the so-called soft power is also based on hard power. Without the support of hard power, that is, industrial power, soft power is just a castle in the air, which is not useful. The Chinese dream is embodied in the industrial field as an industrial power. For China's equipment manufacturing industry, an industrial power is an equipment power. Industry is the foundation of our country. It is still the inevitable choice for China's economic development to unswervingly promote China's industrialization process and realize the fundamental transformation from an industrial power to an industrial power

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