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Adjust industrial policies to stop the abuse of the concept of green packaging

the concept of "green packaging" in China is in danger of being abused

some people who live up to their responsibilities and some people who pretend to know nothing deceive the world by crowning their products with the name of "green packaging". In particular, some paper packaging manufacturers describe their products as "green packaging", and ordinary consumers are often misled into thinking that all paper packaging is environmentally friendly and that paper is also the most environmentally friendly packaging material

as we all know, "green packaging" refers to environmentally friendly packaging products. Not only should the manufacturing process be environmentally friendly, but also the waste should be easy to be recycled, recycled or reused

although the concept of "green packaging" has not been put forward for a long time, it does not mean that the packaging products developed after the concept of green packaging are environmentally friendly. Many traditional packaging products are environment-friendly packaging, such as glass and metal packaging

in the process of packaging waste treatment, sorting is the most critical link, and it is also the most difficult process with low friction, low damping, good lateral force resistance and the highest cost. Sorting is the basis of all subsequent processing, and metal and glass packaging has unique conditions

magnetic separation, air separation and water separation are the most commonly used sorting methods, which are distinguished by the magnetism or specific gravity of different materials. Glass and metal are the two kinds of packaging materials that can be processed into plates in another machine, and they have the largest proportion. It is easy to distinguish them from other packaging materials. In particular, steel materials, due to their magnetism, are not only easy to sort out from various packages, but also convenient for automatic operation, and the investment of sorting production line is also very small

China cannot develop green packaging without considering the cost of recycling. High sorting costs may make good expectations come to naught. Therefore, giving priority to the development of packaging products that are easy to sort should become one of the development strategies of green packaging in China

in fact, developed countries are also from simple to difficult in developing the stress-bearing color packaging of the main bearing axis of green general. For example, in the European packaging guide, the recovery rate of glass and metal is higher than that of plastic and paper, which mainly takes into account the different sorting difficulties

Key strategic materials have become the bottleneck restricting the development of national economy and the construction of national defense industry.

in the actual operation process, metal and glass packaging waste is also the type with the highest recovery rate. According to materials, the recovery rate of steel packaging in Europe in 2002 was 60%, ranking first among all materials, followed by glass packaging, 57%, paper packaging, 52%, and plastic packaging, only 15%. According to the statistics of the European Association of metal packaging manufacturers, the recovery rate of steel packaging in Belgium reached 93% in 2002, and that in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and lucburg ranged from 70% to 80%. In countries outside Europe, the recovery rate of steel packaging in Japan in 2002 was 86%, South Africa 63%, the United States 53%, South Korea 47%, and Australia 43%

the recycling rate of packaging waste of different materials not only indicates the difficulty of recycling and sorting different materials, but also indicates the degree of environmental protection. Considering the actual use of different materials, it can be seen that metal and glass packaging has the smallest environmental pollution among all kinds of materials, and of course, it is also the most environmentally friendly packaging products

at present, there are deviations in China's industrial policies to guide the development of green packaging, emphasizing the advantages of paper packaging, while ignoring the characteristics of metal and glass packaging; On the one hand, it emphasizes the development of new products, while ignoring the role of traditional products in environmental protection. In addition, there is no subsidy mechanism for packaging waste recycling and treatment, and it does not play the role of economic leverage. The certification of "green packaging" products is also lack of seriousness

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